I have never seen a real vampire, and no one I know knows anyone…

who knows anyone…

who knows anyone…

who knows anyone…

who knows anyone…

who knows anyone…

who has ever seen a real vampire.

If you have seen a real vampire or, even better, been bitten by one, please tell me.

Zombies don’t count!

Please comment below.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Yes, I have seen a real-life vampire but does TV count? Well then no if it doesn’t. Too bad it didn’t bite me. On Disney Channel why don’t you watch My Babysitter’s A Vampire, Cheesie?

  2. I was bitten by a vampire a few days ago when I was walking Sarah (my dog). He jumped out at me and bit me and my dog. Now I’m a vampire with a vampire dog and I WILL GET YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nah, just kidding.

  3. I was bitten by a Vampire once. Believe it or not my best friend was the Vampire, and once she tricked me into putting a blindfold on and going to her room. If you want to watch out for her here’s her discription:
    *Goes by the name of “Missy”.
    *Has Ash Blonde hair.
    *Pretty Baby Blue Eyes.
    *Lots of freckles on her nose.
    *Usally has Pale Tan Skin
    I should know…Since Missy bit me I’m a vampire too!!! But I’m not the kind you think I’m trying to only drink rodents’ blood. I’m also trying to stop the vampires and eat alot of chips so that I can lay off the blood!!!

  4. There are bats where I live and one of the species is the VAMPIRE BAT! But they only take blood from animals… Let’s hope one doesn’t bite me because I don’t want to become a vampire!!!

  5. i have not really seen one but there is this old creepy guy who stays inside all the time and is always keeping the blinds down.