#2-“Double Wobbly” story

The “Double Wobbly” Story

Here’s the beginning of the story I wrote called “The Legend of Double Wobbly.”

Twilight had come down fast, darkening the steep roadway. I skated over the top of Ichabod Hill and rolled downward, picking up speed. I could hear dogs in faraway backyards barking and howling at the setting sun. Carving a tight line down the curving road, I shot downhill faster and faster, rapidly approaching the dangerous twists of Double Wobbly. Suddenly a wave of bad feeling came over me. It wasn’t fear exactly…more of a strange, demented sadness. I could not continue. I dug in, grinding my board to a stop.

Just at that moment the distant dogs went silent, and a nearby rasp of wheels on pavement caught my ear. I looked uphill. There, concealed in a shadow cast by a dark cloud, a towering figure stood on a glowing skateboard.

My hair rose in terror. Was it the demon of Double Wobbly? Could I outrace this evil? I was fast on my board…but was I fast enough?

At that moment the cloud moved away, and I could see my pursuer.

My heart went cold. The dude on the skateboard had no head!

*     *     *     *     *

I don’t know what comes next. If you have an idea, go for it! Write it up below.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. The weapon for the duel should have been a bb gun or ak-47 to have more action. I love your books though

    • My publisher (and my Mom!!!) would DEFINITELY not agree to an AK-47…or even a BB gun. I’m glad you like the books, however.

  2. The blood gushed and his stomach was sliced both of his bones shattered.

    Sad story

  3. Chapter ??
    What the heck? No head? Now I was really creeped out. What was even more horrendous was that the dude could speak! “Hello, Ichabod Crane.” I gasped. How did he know my name? “Yes, Crane. I know your name. I know everyone who skateboards around these parts. And you? You’re on my turf.” And with that, he skateboarded down the hill, picking up speed. I turned on my heel and began skateboarding, too. I was almost there. . . “Gotcha!!!” My world went black.

  4. And he had new some tricks on the skateboard but one day he did the double wobbly and it broke his legs and he crawled away in terror and his head magically appeared and his legs were broke still the end.

  5. The guy started to pull out a AK47 from his side,but because he could not see(no head,duh),he fell over his board,which exploded.Go figure.

  6. The guy started to do the double ,but since he had no head he failed and broke both legs as i scooted away he cried for help…

  7. And of course I thought I was delusional but when he came closer he had no head. So I rode as fast as I could but then he was right beside me. He had a saw. Now I don’t have a head and I’m going to have to find one the next kid on ichabod hill might do

  8. I did a flip, then a swerve to the right. He was getting closer, and closer. l tried to do a move l can’t pronounce, and l failed! l was done for. My days were over. This creepy no-headed guy might of been a police who was beheaded so I LOST IN THE POINT BATTLE, even though l was ahead by 50 points!